Custom Faux Neon Signage by SIGNLite

Custom Faux Neon Signage by SIGNLite, Featuring LED-Illumination for a Long-Lasting Glow

It’s no secret that neon signage is beautiful and eye-catching. Neon signs have been around since the early 1900s and have been popular since, especially in cities and metropolitan areas. While the use of neon has evolved in the past century, the ‘neon glow’ look is still highly sought after. LED-illuminated signs may be the modern solution to the age-old trend.

COALHOUSE PIZZA in Stamford, Connecticut contacted the SIGNLite team to inquire about a custom neon signage project for their business. The proposed faux neon signs outfitted with LEDs would complement the original neon sign created by SIGNLite nearly 15 years ago. 

Unfortunately, most neon signs are not maintained regularly. Quality and craftsmanship are also important factors. When a neon sign lacks quality and/or upkeep, it will not last very long and can break easily. Neon signs also require more energy to power than LED-illuminated signs.

The original neon sign created for COALHOUSE has withstood the test of time, but modern problems call for modern solutions. The SIGNLite team worked together to propose the local business with a more long-term, cost effective, attention-grabbing signage solution.

Creating a Faux Neon Look Using LED Lighting

LED lighting is far brighter yet more cost- and energy-effective than traditional neon lighting. Using exposed LED lighting, faux neon tubing, and custom-fabricated aluminum channel letters, SIGNLite replicated the neon sign characteristics the client desired minus the neon. They were thrilled with the results!

Creating a Faux Neon Look Using LED Lighting

Benefits of LED-Illuminated Signage for Local Businesses

The custom signs designed, fabricated and installed by SIGNLite serve as the perfect solution for local businesses in need of striking signage. LED-illuminated signs require less maintenance, so the customer can spend more time admiring their new custom signage. 8 out of 10 consumers say they have entered a business because of their signage. Drive new traffic in your doors with a stunning custom LED-illuminated sign. Your business is sure to stand out against the rest. 

Another great benefit of LED signage is customization. LED lighting displays can be as dim or as bright as you’d prefer, can be any color or change colors, and can be any shape or size. Creativity doesn’t have to have limits when it comes to designing custom LED-illuminated signage.

With today’s technology, signs with LED displays can be seen even on the brightest days. High resolution displays provide for a better viewing experience and ensure your sign can be seen clearly up close and at a distance, no matter the time of day. 

The versatility of LEDs for custom signage is just another reason to ditch your old fluorescent- or neon-lit sign and upgrade to an LED-illuminated sign today! The possibilities are endless.

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